About Algicate Ag

Silver Calcium Alginate Wound Dressing

Circle A Medical is very excited to introduce this revolutionary wound dressing. These wound treatments are made of highly flexible, non-occlusive, absorptive layers of algicate. Algicate is made of seaweed fibers and are completely biodegradable, not to mention extremely non-abrasive and soft on the most tender of tissue. 

What sets this wound dressing above the rest is the adding of the antimicrobial silver to the dressing. In addition to the already present calcium ion compound, incorporating antimicrobial silver gives this dressing a one-two punch of healing power. Algicate Ag is comprised of an almost unstoppable amalgam of elements to give patients the best chance at rebuilding cells and healthy tissue.

  • Silver ions provide an antimicrobial action
  • Dressing absorbs exudates and maintains a moist wound environment
  • Made specially for intact removal

Benefits of Algicate Ag

As stated above, the benefits of introducing antimicrobial silver into these already effective wound dressings, just makes them that much more powerful. These hefty alginate dressings are saturated and infused with a powerful blend of calcium ions and antimicrobial silver to deliver optimum healing properties.

These super-rich wound dressings provide an effective barrier to microbial penetration and create the most favorable environment for healing tissue. Circle A Medical wound dressings effectively heal full thickness wounds, diabetic ulcers, graft surgical sites, pressure ulcers, traumatic wounds and 1st and 2nd degree burns.